Donald Trump’s daughter once released a song and you need to listen to it

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We’re right in the middle of the Republican National Convention, which is currently being held in Cleveland, Ohio, and where delegates for the Republican party officially decide on their next leader and future presidential hopeful. At this years RNC, Donald Trump was named the Republican Party candidate.

While this year’s RNC has mainly been marred by the controversies surrounding Donald Trump’s wife, Melania Trump’s, alleged plagiarism of a speech given by Michelle Obama, the current First Lady, it seems that the Trump family  can’t and won’t be stopped, with the Republican Party officially making Trump its nominee for president.

Taking to the stage yesterday (19 July), Trump’s daughter, Tiffany, made her RNC debut with a speech in which she discussed her father’s merits, including his humor and how “real” he is. This is the first time that Tiffany has truly stepped in front of the spotlight during her father’s campaign. Up until recently, the 22-year-old was studying at the University of Pennsylvania having graduated in May this year.

In fact, the heiress even went as far as to record her own song and it’s…interesting.  Titled “Like A Bird,” the song is a club ready track that comes complete with lashings of auto-tune and guest features by Sprite and Logic.  Listen to the track below.

Tiffany was so dedicated to her potential career in music, in fact, that she even went on Oprah to promote the song.

It’s uncertain at this point whether Tiffany intends to continue to pursue her pop career, or whether she’ll continue to support her father’s bid for the White House.

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