These illustrations perfectly capture our #squad and we’re SO in love


Alessandra Genualdo /

Some artists just get us, and artist Alessandra Genualdo is for sure one of those artists. An illustrator living and working in London, Genualdo creates absolutely stunning pieces that we want to gift to every single one of our besties to celebrate their loveliness, because what is a better gift than your own ~essence~ in a work of art?! Ugh, we just couldn’t adore these any more.

1. Our plant-loving friend

2. Our all-black-everything friend

3. Our most stylish friends

4. Our shy friend who would rather be alone outside

5. Our model friends

6. Our trendiest friend

7. Our friend who rocks the eff out of her librarian style

8. The friend who loves her dog more than us (but it’s okay, because it’s a super cute dog!)

9. Our squad catching up on the latest drama

10. Our #squad reuniting

11. Because we all need someone to lean on

12. And brunch gossip is the BEST gossip

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